BOSTON (CBS) – Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington joined Tony Massarotti Friday night on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s The Baseball Reporters.

The MLB trade deadline is less than two weeks away, and the Red Sox are still struggling to figure out who they are. The team has battled injuries, but whenever they take steps forward, they quickly take just as many — if not more — steps back.

Does Cherington see the team dealing trouble starters Josh Beckett or Jon Lester, or any other of their marquee players (like the Carl Crawford rumors from last week) in building for the future?

“I can’t see us doing anything that we thought would diminish the team in the short-term. We’re looking to do things that would help us now, and perhaps in the future too, but I can’t see us doing moves to diminish out team in the short-term,” said Cherington.

“This time a year all sorts of things get thrown off the wall. Sometimes these things are part of the conversation between two GMs or speculation by a writer. Sometimes those things are accurate and sometimes they’re not,” said Cherington. “It’s part of the business, especially this time of the year and in a place like this in Boston. A lot of guys on our team are going to see their name out there — it’s just the nature of the beast.”

What is wrong with Lester this season, and how is the managerial staff helping the struggling lefty? And will Boston look to deal Jacoby Ellsbury after this season, or will they continue to go year-to-year with him until 2013?

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington answers all of Mazz’ tough questions on The Baseball Reporters!


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