BOSTON (CBS) – A scare that reportedly forced a partial evacuation of Newark Airport in New Jersey, and held up a United shuttle flight after it landed in Boston on Saturday, turned out to be a false alarm.

A Budget Rental Car worker cleaning out returned cars discovered what was initially reported to be a brick of C-4 explosives inside a suitcase that had been left behind in the trunk of a car.

The bomb squad was called in and detectives quickly determined that the last person who had rented the car was on a flight to Boston.

Mass. State Police boarded the flight when it landed. They searched the luggage on board and questioned the person who had rented that car.

It turns out he works for Bedford, Massachusetts-based I-Robot and the item was actually a training device used in the company’s bomb disposal presentations.

The item did not pose any threat.

Apparently that employee had simply forgotten the items.


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