On Friday’s show Gresh and Zo talk about the Boston Celtics and their new-look roster.

The guys discuss the Celtics’ soon-to-be-done trade of Courtney Lee, and what they expect from the new roster.

“Danny Ainge has done the unthinkable in my mind,” said Gresh. “He’s found a way to retool this roster, a way to get young, and all hope is not lost.”

Mannix On DA Show: Courtney Lee ‘A Win For Celtics’

“Even before this deal I thought they were the second best team in the East, on paper,” said Zo.

“There are teams in the East that are better than them on paper. However, they’re not out of the mix by any stretch of the imagination,” said Gresh. “I thought they’d have to hit rock bottom… but they’re not going to be that. They have depth, youth; I’d like to see them get a little more size, but as we sit here right now Danny Ainge has done A+ work in retooling the team.”

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“When you think of this team — Garnett, Bass, Pierce, Bradley, Rondo –- I think everyone feels pretty good about that,” said Gresh. “The bench, in my opinion, is much better than last year, and you have guys in (Jared) Sullinger and (Jeff) Green, if they need to play more minutes, they can do that.”


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