Tony Massarotti and Marc Bertrand are broadcasting from the Ace Ticket Studio in Kenmore Square today. Mark and Tony began the show today discussing the magic of Cody Ross and the importance of that win to the team.

The Red Sox are 5-2 in their first seven games after the all-star game. Does this mean that the Red Sox have made a turn around? Is this the start of a breakthrough second half for Cody Ross and the Red Sox? The Red Sox have had these winning spurts this season already. They won 9 of 12 games in the middle of May, which was followed up by another losing trend. Mazz and Bertrand discuss their feelings on whether the Sox have made a turn for better.

With the Red Sox ability to win close games in question, did last night’s walk-off win prove otherwise? Massorotti and Bertrand go on to discuss the ending of the game and how Chicago may have left the door open for the Red Sox. Tony Massorotti believes that the fans were into last night’s game because it was close. Do you agree with this idea? Has Fenway Park redeemed its exciting feel?


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