By Matthew Reed, CBS Boston Student Reporter

LONDON (CBS) – The opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics are only nine days away, and for residents of London, that means thousands of tourists slowing down their daily commute.

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Some companies have told their employees to avoid the congestion and delays by working from home. But, a few companies have gone the opposite direction, asking their employees to sleep at the office…in space-pods.

The London-based company, Podtime, has sold 40 pods to businesses throughout London in the months leading up to the games.

Ten of the 40 pods are located in the Olympic Village, and are being used by engineers who are on call 24/7. Another 28 are also being used by engineers at an unidentified company. While four are located at a hostel in Central London.

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It takes 20 minutes to build a pod and 10 minutes to disassemble it and costs just under $2,200 (in American dollars).

So, whether you’re an employer trying to keep your employees well-rested on the clock or a parent looking for a new bed for junior, Podtime has got you covered.

Oh, and it’s cheaper than a Tempur-Pedic mattress.

Matthew Reed is a student at Boston University, spending his summer internship reporting from the London Olympics for CBS Boston.


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