LONDON (CBS) – Ever wondered where the medals that are awarded during the Olympic ceremonies are kept?

Well, the Royal Family may have inherited another 4,700 precious metals. We found out the medals for the 2012 London Olympics and Para Olympics will be kept in the iconic Tower of London, which also stores the crown jewels.

For the athletes competing, winning a medal is almost as symbolic and precious as the crown jewels, so it makes sense that they are kept with the likes of the royal pieces.

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Take a break from the Olympic activities to check out the jewels during at an exhibit at the Tower of London.

The crown jewels are a working collection of royal treasures including crowns, rings and other garb used throughout the years by British royalty. And if you’re all for killing two birds with one stone, one of the iconic spectaculars of the Olympic rings is located on Tower Bridge, with a great view from the Tower of London.

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If you actually want a glimpse of the medals the athletes take home, a third popular tourist attraction, The British Museum, hosts an exhibit where you can view the bronze, silver and gold medals.

Entrance to the British Museum is free, and although you won’t be able to take home actual gold, a picture is always a great consolation prize.

Keesa McKoy, Victoria Price and Matthew Reed are students at Boston University, spending their summer internships reporting from the London Olympics for CBS Boston.


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