EASTON (CBS) – Everyone is worried about the spread of EEE, especially farmers who are growing bountiful amounts of flowers, fruits and vegetables.

WBZ NewRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports:

Although the controversial insecticides will be used, amateur gardeners should not be concerned about the aerial mosquito spraying that is planned for 21 communities in southeastern Massachusetts, as long as they take the necessary precautions.

“It’s one of those things where what’s the lesser of all of the evils,” said Todd Sandstrom, aka Farmer Todd, an agricultural engineer at Flynn’s Farm in Easton.

Langwater Farm is a certified organic farm and owner Rory O’Dwyer is concerned about EEE, but also wants to make sure her crops stay free of chemicals.

“We are very exposed to this danger, but on the other hand I feel like synthetic chemicals have caused so much damage in the world, and that’s part of why I became an organic farmer,” explains O’Dwyer.

It was decided that the aerial spraying would take place after a second batch of EEE-infected mosquitoes turned up in Easton.

“They are not just going to go willy-nilly and start spraying something unless there’s a need, and ya there is a need right now,” said Sandstrom.

Even though it is necessary, Sandstrom says he understands why amateur gardeners may be concerned about the effects the spraying will have on their gardens.

“They may want to get something that’s called Row Cloth, or you can also use something like cheese cloth. Something that’s really light-weight and airy, and just drape it over their plants.  One of the things they are going to want to do as soon as the sun starts to break get it off,” explains Sandstrom.

Another important word of advice that he has: wash everything before you eat it.

“You know it’s just like anything you buy in the store, you know you’re going to want to wash it before your eat it,” said Sandstrom.

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