BOSTON (CBS) – We live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country. We have the ocean, lakes, mountains, and cities. Take your pick!

Hotels, motels and restaurants are offering deals, but you will need to search for those deals. Start with contacting the individual state’s travel bureau.

In Mass, it’s the Massachusetts Office of Travel. We were in the Berkshires for a wedding last week and it was much fun to reacquaint ourselves with Tanglewood, Great Barrington and the Norman Rockwell museum. And did you know Massachusetts has a Museum dedicated to bad art. I kid you not. MOBA (Museum of Bad Art) with three locations. And it’s free. As it should be if you are viewing bad art!

Also, check out 50 Great Ideas for Under $50 bucks. A Swan Boat ride for a family of four is $8.50, explore the Greenway. Head out to Lexington and Concord and let the kids see where “the shot heard ‘round the world” actually happened.

And, of course, there is the Cape and the islands. The islands can be done as a day trip from Woods Hole or Falmouth. Three of my favorite things on the cape are really cheap. The National Seashore is free, a tour of the Cape Cod Chip factory is also free, and then stop at the Sundae School for ice cream which you sadly must pay for. Soon they will have peach ice cream and we have driven all the way to Harwichport just to get some!

New Hampshire Travel Guide has what you need to head north to the White Mountains and the ocean. Did you know there is a world-renowned music box museum in Wiscasset, Maine? Check out the Maine’s Office of Tourism for help.

A Vermont vacation starts with their guidebook. Route 100 is my favorite road in Vermont. There are lots of antique shops and quaint cafes to keep us busy up and back.

We so often forget about our southern neighbors, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Try both. They have lots of seashore, quaint villages, fun museums and good pizza and are just a couple of hours away.

And once you get to your destination, take advantage of the great stuff to do that doesn’t cost a lot. Hiking, biking, walking the beaches, exploring the towns.

As for dining and entertainment while you are traveling try the Entertainment Book which has been around for years. It is a book of coupons. You purchase a book for the area you are planning to travel to. Massachusetts has 3 areas, Boston, Springfield and Worcester. Books are normally priced around $35, but you can get the 2012 book at a discount for $8.99 with free shipping.


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