BOSTON (CBS) – Normally you’d be watching Adam Kaufman grill 98.5 The Sports Hub talent with “5 Questions.”

But this time around, Kaufman and Rich Keefe did a LIVE edition over the Sports Hub’s airwaves.

Take a listen as the two tackle some of the toughest topics in Boston sports:

1. The Red Sox are healthier coming out of the break, but will that matter when it comes to the stretch run? Will they be able to make a push with their full personnel, or is it up to players that have been healthy to perform better (you know, Josh Beckett and Jon Lester)?

2. Will the Patriots and Wes Welker get an extension done by Monday’s 4 pm deadline? If Welker has to play under the tag, and then gets tagged again next year, will Welker remain happy?

3. There has been a lot of love for Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan on the Sports Hub lately. Should the Boston Bruins make a deal for the winger, and is it a necessary move or just fans wanting the Bruins to make a splash this summer?

4. The Celtics introduced their new signees on Saturday, although the Jason Terry and Jeff Green deals are not done yet. The Celtics look very familiar to the team they had last season which made it to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. What will be the expectation for the C’s next season?

5. And for the National topic, what did Keefe think of Kobe Bryant’s remarks that the 2012 USA Olympic team could beat the famous 1992 “Dream Team”?


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