I can’t believe it has been about a month since my last pontification. I have been enjoying the summer in New England, Bermuda and Hawaii, but I don’t mind saying, after about a month the venom builds up and I need to release a bit of steam.  Nothing heavy…..just the usual stuff!
     Let’s see here:  Boston Red Sox; the team is mediocre at best, Big Papi can still wail the crap out of a ball but he’s still a whiner.  He wanted a multi-year deal but got 12 to 15 million to play that silly game for one year…and he’s complaining?   Papi…….Shut up!   Bobby Valentine…enjoy your time in Boston because if I had a vote, you wouldn’t be here more than one year.
     How ’bout another Boston legendary tradition…..the 4th of July festivities on the Esplanade.  This year was weak……very weak.  From the Conductor to the Pops orchestra, from the MC to the performing talent…everybody just seemed to be mailing it in.  I know the weather interrupted things for a bit, but no excuse, it was a weak…very weak performance by all concerned.
     To the people of Chicago who elected Rom Emanuel as Mayor.  You got what you deserved….an arrogant incompetent gangster who has given your city a murder rate higher than any city in Afghanistan or Iraq.  What a disgrace.  You’re probably the same people who made a guy named Barack a Senator.  Jacksonville, Florida is probably the only city with more criminal gunfire every night than Chicago, but in Chicago, their aim is better and thus the death toll is higher.
     And while I’m on the subject of dirtbags…..Coach Sandusky may be one of the worst scumbags in history and should never see the light of day again but Penn State, glad to see you were smart enough to remove the “halo” from Coach Paterno’s mural facade on campus and the next thing you might do is remove the statue as well.   I’m going to be watching for any lightning strike in my vicinity, but you’ve got to know….Joe Paterno  ripped off Penn State for millions to say goodbye and he was not….I repeat “not” an honorable man.
     Just to stop on a positive note….”congrats to Barney the blushing bride.”


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