BOSTON (CBS) – The Phantom Gourmet recently purchased four brands of chunky peanut butter at a local supermarket.

The all-natural contenders were Jif, Skippy, Smart Balance, and Teddie.

Skippy natural super chunk finished in last place. Although the label claims this brand is ‘extra crunchy,’ phantom found the crunch factor to be a bit lacking. This brand is sweet and super spreadable, tasting very much like the original kid-friendly version. The biggest problem with Skippy is that it is actually kind of skimpy, with a deceivingly small jar weighing in at just fifteen ounces.

Next up is Smart Balance chunky. This well-balanaced spread is a nice mix of sweet and salty, with enough crunch to make every mouthful memorable. And since Smart Balance is blended with flaxseed oil, it’s also an excellent source of heart healthy omega-3’s.

The runner up is Jif natural crunchy. Choosy moms choose Jif, and so should crunch lovers. This jar is absolutely packed with big peanut pieces. In fact, this is the crunchiest competitor by far. However, the label claims this ‘natural’ spread contains ninety percent peanuts, making Phantom wonder what the heck the other ten percent is.

At the top of the food chain is Teddie super chunky. Locally made in Everett, Mass., this is the brand peanut purists prefer. Made with nothing but peanuts and salt, Phantom had to stir it up before spreading, but that’s a small price to pay for such wholesome goodness. Great on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or straight off the spoon, this is the peanut butter Phantom goes nuts for.

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