WORCESTER(CBS) – Several months after a Rutland woman nearly lost her life, she had the chance to meet her hero.

“Thank you is so insignificant,” she said. “It’s just not enough,” Robin Tarani said, trying to express her gratitude for the man who saved her life.

Tarani was riding her motorcycle in Holden last year when a car ran a stop sign and plowed into her.

Tarani’s leg was nearly severed. She’d later have to have it amputated. But if it weren’t for a Worcester police officer who had just dropped off his nephew nearby, Tarani figures she’d be dead.

Officer Mark Portuondo showed up in time to clamp down on her gushing artery.

“Absolutely he saved my life. I have no question about that,” Tarani said. “I was there at the wrong time. He was there at the right time.”

Officer Portuondo said Tarani’s calm demeanor deserves some of the credit.

“Her being calm kept me calm. She never really panicked,” he said.

The Rutland mom continues to recover with the help of a prosthetic leg.

“I’m getting there. Every day is a challenge. I’m not saying it’s easy,” she said.


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