BOSTON (CBS) – There is no question the Boston Celtics would like to add another shooting guard to their roster heading into the 2012-13 NBA season.

But the question remains, how do they go about doing that?

Without much cap space, the best route for Boston would be through a sign-and-trade. Courtney Lee remains a target of the C’s, but in order to acquire the four-year guard’s services Danny Ainge will likely have to pull off one of those deals with the Houston Rockets.

That’s where it gets complicated, but Ainge might have an option with a pair of his own free agents.

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While free agents Keyon Dooling and Mickael Pietrus could return to Boston, they could use be used as chips in said sign-and-trade. While the Rockets, who are expected to make a run at Orlando’s Dwight Howard via trade, would be most interested in draft picks, they would also need to get some contracts in return for Lee. That is where Dooling and Pietrus come in.

Both players played well for Boston last season in their own rights — Dooling as a locker room leader and Pietrus as a pesky defender — but Lee would be an upgrade over either of them. After averaging 11.3 points on 43-percent shooting (including 40-percent from downtown) last season, Lee is the type of bench guard the Celtics could use next to Jason Terry. He is a very unselfish player that would help spread the floor even more on the second unit, and could even start in place of Avery Bradley should he not be ready to start the season after undergoing a second shoulder surgery.

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The Celtics won’t be able to do much until Saturday when they will have a clearer picture on other teams’ salary cap situation.

Landing Lee will be very tough for Boston, and they may have to settle for second-year guard E’Twaun Moore as their second shooter off the bench. Moore has played well in the Orlando Summer League, averaging 13 points per game entering Friday’s finale against the Magic.

But, look for Ainge to turn over every stone as he tries to shore up the Boston roster for next season.


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