BOSTON (CBS) – A 54-year-old Boston was unconscious in the hospital Thursday night after falling into Boston Harbor earlier in the day.

The man somehow tumbled into the harbor from Columbus Park in the North End around 4 p.m.

Witnesses say he struggled for a few seconds and went limp.

At least three people jumped into the water to help before rescue crews arrived.

Captain Chuck Fluhr was piloting a water taxi nearby. He saw what was happening and also went to help.

“It looked like somebody was in trouble at that point,” Captain Fluhr said.

The three people who had jumped into the water managed to pull the victim over to water taxi.

“They were supporting and encouraging him to breathe,” Fluhr said.

From there, they helped move the man onto a State Police boat before he was taken to Mass. General Hospital.

Police were not identifying the man. His condition was not available.


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