BOSTON (CBS) – There are a lot of changes coming to the banking industry that you could start to see at a branch near you.

It seems like ATMs have been around forever so getting money without any human contact isn’t out of the ordinary. But you might see a remote video teller at your favorite ATM in the coming days.

Other technology includes using a Smartphone, instead of a bank card. NCR is developing a system that would allow the phone to read a bar code which would allow access to an account.

Inside many bank and credit unions, customers are seeing special PIN pads that essentially transform the teller line to self-service.

“Think of it as an airline,” said Doug Johnson of the American Bankers Association. “Think how much faster you get through the line at the airline now as opposed to what you did in the past, but there’s always someone there if you need assistance.”

It could mean the end of filling out deposit and withdrawal slips.

“What the customer does is just present their ATM card at the PIN pad,” explained Karmon Clay of Wells Fargo. “They swipe the card similar to the ATM, enter their PIN number and all their information flows to the teller screen.”

The banking industry is happy to push these new technologies. It cuts costs and frees the remaining tellers up for real conversations about other revenue generating services.

Still, some people are wary of technology, particularly when it comes to handling their money.

“If an individual wants to use a teller line, an individual can use the teller and have that human contact. We just want to make sure that all the options are available,” Johnson said.


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