Bradley Jay: ‘Don’t Drive Like An Idiot!’

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A couple of years ago I stopped driving because there are too many bad drivers on the road. Sure, the cost of the car payments, repair, parking, taxes, gas, and insurance also figured in, but dumb drivers were the deal breaker. I sold the car and got a T Pass. While it’s true life on the T is a comedy of errors, it doesn’t generate the stress and irritation driving does. Bad manners on the MBTA are maddening, but they are not generally life threatening.

Recently, I rented a car as an experiment and was reminded of how dangerous and foolish many drivers are. I experienced people darting in and out of lanes, drifting into my lane while gabbing on the phone, cutting me off, and blowing through stop signs. And I remembered how angry it made me that people will put lives at risk.

I would never commit acts of road rage, but some drivers certainly deserve legal consequences for their behavior behind the wheel. Many just don’t take it seriously enough. Then tragedy strikes and the delinquent driver’s life changes forever. Don’t you bad drivers get it? This can really happen to you.

Just be glad I’m not a State Trooper. Wake up, drive the way you were taught….and do it now.

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