BOSTON (CBS) – Boston commuters are no strangers to traffic. The morning rush and nighttime crawl can feel like an eternity. But according to TomTom, there are 18 North American cities that have it worse.

Their study shows Boston is the 19th most congested city in North America. Last year, it was ranked 14th, so the situation appears to be improving, thanks in part to record high MBTA ridership and quick responses by Boston Police to traffic incidents.

The study took a look at how long it takes drivers to get from point A to point B at different times of the day. If you were to run your errands in the middle of the day, on average it would take you 16% longer than it would if you were to run the errands in the middle of the night.

Evening commutes take 35% longer than free-flowing traffic and the morning commute takes 28% longer than off-peak hours, the report states.

The top 5 most congested cities in North America are Los Angeles, Vancouver, Miami, Seattle, and Tampa, according to the report.


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