By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TVBy Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – Americans aren’t just packing their bathing suits and novels for vacation.  Increasingly, they are saddled with a multitude of electronic devices.

Traveling with so many gadgets can create a whole new set of challenges.

Travelers at Logan Airport listed items like iPods, smartphones, and laptops among the devices they can no longer leave at home.

A recent survey done by Intel found Americans rank the loss of a device only slightly less stressful than losing a wallet.

People were less concerned about losing their wedding ring than a favorite device.

The desire to be constantly connected has also created a new phenomenon dubbed “Outlet Rage,” as frustrated travelers search for a place to recharge their electronic devices.

Half of travelers admitted they’ve sat on an airport floor, searched a restroom, or otherwise compromised comfort and hygiene just to charge a device.

Another problem is security.  In an overwhelming need to get online away from home, it is easy to forget to put safety first.

One quarter of people admitted to leaving their device unattended, or entering sensitive credit card information in a public place.

“You have to also take some very basic precautions in using strong passwords, and being aware of your surroundings when it comes to Wi-Fi networks,” said Intel spokesperson Mike Fard.

It is also important to be aware of the other people in the area.  One third of travelers fessed up to being a “Peeping Tech,” meaning they’ve actually peeked over someone’s shoulder to get a glimpse of what’s on that person’s screen.

As you unpack your electronics during your travels, be thoughtful of your surroundings and follow the basic precautions necessary to make sure you and your device stay safe.


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