By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Another gem here in Southern New England…highs maxed out in the upper 70s at the coast and mid 80s inland.  A few spots for you…Boston: 79, Beverly 81, Plymouth: 81, Norwood: 84 and Fitchburg: 85.  The best part of today the humidity again very dry and only a few clouds dotted the sky.  There is actually a weak disturbance moving into Western New England right now and it has sparked a few quick showers in Vermont and the Hudson Valley of New York but the air is so dry and now that the sun is setting no showers are expected to reach Eastern or even Central New England.

High pressure continues to ridge over the Northeast and this means more of the same is expected through Friday.  As the high slides off the coast, return flow will begin to pump hotter and more humid air into the New England so temps and humidity levels will gradually be on the rise as we approach and head into the weekend.  In fact highs should straddle the 90 degree mark Friday thru Tuesday of next week and maybe beyond.  Some towns away from the coast may actually see a heatwave with three or more consecutive days of 90 or higher.

Even though the heat and the humidity will be escalating again late this week and over the weekend, the threat for thunderstorms will be limited with not much of a trigger present.  That changes on Sunday when a warm and cold front sweep into the picture raising the chances for thunderstorms quite a bit by the end of the day on Sunday…but until then we are looking great.


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