QUINCY (CBS) – A 73-year-old man is being held without bail, facing attempted arson and attempted murder charges.

Police say Jack Aiguier tried to set fire to a tent where a couple was sleeping on Tuesday morning.

The tent was set up on the beach behind Aiguier’s Chapel Street home in Quincy.

Aiguier is accused of dousing the tent in gasoline and trying to strike a match while Kevin Ryan, who lives nearby, and his girlfriend Wendy Fraser were asleep inside.

Ryan told police the smell of gasoline woke him up.

He stepped out to find Aiguier dumping fuel on the tent.

In court on Tuesday, prosecutors said that Ryan confronted Aiguier, asked what he was doing, and told him he could have killed them.

“That’s what I wanted to do,” Aiguier allegedly replied.

Police say the couple managed to escape, but Aiguer chased them down the beach with a metal baseball bat.

Aiguer’s lawyer says police don’t know the whole story.

She claimed that Aiguer believed the homeless couple and was camping on his property; and he was responding to alleged threats made to him.

“As the case unfolds, I think we’re going to get a better sense of who the real victim was here,” Natalie Corvington told WBZ-TV. “Much more was going on here than police were able to investigate at the time.”


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