Things taste different in the summer. Some things simply taste better in July and August. Perhaps it is the humidity, maybe it is the heat, or possibly the environment summer foods tend to be eaten in.

I love watermelon. I can, and frequently do, eat half a watermelon in one sitting. I slice the thing in half lengthwise, get a big spoon, and dig in as if the melon were a bowl of cereal. I can’t stop till it’s gone.

Another favorite is steamed clams. No melted butter. I just dip ’em in hot brine. Butter destroys the delicate essence of the sea that lives in every delicious little bi-valve. Oh yeah baby, gimme another order… and a side of ‘slaw, please. And more napkins.

Then there is ice cream. I eat more ice cream than anyone alive. It has to be chocolate. I don’t really understand why they even make the other flavors. What a waste. They could have spent their time and resources making more chocolate. Chocolate ice cream was a way better invention than penicillin or the wheel.

So my question to you is, this being summer and all, ‘what is your favorite summer food and what is the best place to get it?’

Click play to see and hear what your New England neighbors say are the best places to get the summer food treats you love.


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