The Red Sox dropped three of four to the Yankees at Fenway this weekend at Fenway and head into the All-Star break at .500. David Ortiz is the only Sox player headed to Kansas City to playing this year’s All-Star game.

Boston is only two and a half games out of the wild card race and are planning on getting so of their injured players back very soon, which should help things.

Toucher & Rich were on vacation all last week and returned Monday morning with a brand new edition of “Ask A Pink Hat.” As always, Adolfo took to the streets to find the best of the best!

Our first contestant let Adolfo know she’s been a Red Sox fan since she’s been alive, her favorite player is whoever is hitting home runs, and she loves to drink beer and eat Fenway Franks at the ballpark.

Right away, she shows some promise by almost nailing the first question about the different kinds of pitches, but how will she handle the rest?

What player does she think is nicknamed “Rumpelstiltskin?” Does she know what the fourth batter in the lineup is called, or the named of the Sox manager?

Could she even come up with three starting pitchers, or will she name two position players as most often do?

Plus, something that has never happened before during “Ask A Pink Hat.”


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