With Ray Allen taking his talents to South Beach, The Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy stops by Gresh & Zo to discuss the sharpshooters departure.

Allen took less money to join the Miami Heat, leaving a two-year, $12 million deal from the Celtics on the table. There have been numerous reports of Allen being disgruntled by his demotion to the bench, yearly trade rumors and even a rift with Rajon Rondo.

All that, and the allure that is the Miami Heat, makes it tough to blame Allen, says Shaughnessy.

“We’ve had a lot of trying to connect the dots, but based on what I see, and read and hear and what saw, I applaud Ray Allen,” he said. “People need to grow up around here. He gave you five great years. They tried to trade him, whatever the issues with Rondo; he’s going to a place he’s always going to be open.”

“I hope the nit-wit Johnny Damon dynamic doesn’t take over,” added Shaughnessy. “That was wrong, awful, immature and stupid that they booed this guy who won a World Series here — almost killed himself running into Damien Jackson in 2003 for the Red Sox. Then he comes back here after getting a better deal for more years and more money; a correct decision by the Yankees. He comes back here and they boo him. It’s crazy.”

How does Allen change the dynamic for the Miami Heat, and what does that mean for the rest of the Eastern Conference? Listen in as Dan Shaughnessy breaks it all down on Gresh & Zo!


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