By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

We are all excited for the weather coming our way. I still can not help myself thinking “It can not be this easy. It can not be this good. Can it? I am pleased to say this weather pattern will deliver the goods and some welcome relief from the summer heat and humidity ! Today will still be warm and a bit muggy to start.  Sunshine with temps climbing into the upper 80’s to near 90 in many areas by afternoon.

Even though a cold front pushed through yesterday, Dewpoints are still running at 60-65 this morning. Dewpoint front lies across the Canadian Border. This is the leading edge of even drier air which will come pushing in this afternoon with dewpoints dropping into the 50’s by the end of the day. As the dry air pushes south, clouds will start to pop during the afternoon with afternoon heating and cooler air aloft. There may be just enough lift to pop an isolated shower between 3-6 PM today. Skies will be clearing tonight with temps falling into the 50’s which a beautifully comfortable airmass which will remain in place for much of this week.

Winds will remain light out of the NW for much of this week providing for cooler, drier air right through the mid week with a developing trough in the Northeast. Afternoon sea breezes and diurnal building patchy cumulus will be possible almost every day this week. A front stalled well south of New England will be the boundary separating the comfortable air from the hot steamy weather which will be relegated to the Carolinas to start. Showers will remain off the coast, but we will have to watch this boundary approaching us by the middle to end of the week as it may help to spread some cloudiness towards the south coast depending upon it’s proximity.

As the trough begins to lift out, building high pressure in the eastern Atlantic will help to push some of these showers up towards New England by next Weekend where this slow moving humid boundary may become an issue and a precipitation maker. That is the long range with warmer air trying to return back to the Northeast…but for now…it is all about the cooling and drying trend. Can you spell R-E-L-I-EF?


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