TYNGSBORO (CBS) – A family in Tyngsboro knew their bird feeder was attracting something large and hungry, but they wanted proof.

So Elyse Wolf and her father strapped a video camera to a tree around Christmas-time.

Several months later, they finally got their answer.

On the Fourth of July, they found the bird feeder smashed on the ground, but this time they got the whole story.

The video showed a giant black bear after one thing – food.

“He was very hungry. He was trying to get every crumb as he brought it to eat,” Elyse told WBZ-TV.

Judging by the size of the feeder, she thinks the bear is about six feet tall on his hind legs.

“It was scary to know he was around when I was sleeping,” she said.

Wolf says they’ll keep a closer eye on their pets from now on.

But, they will still keep the bird feeder stocked, in case their neighbors need a snack.

“It’s their land. We’re just living with them,” she said.


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