Toucher & Rich are still on vacation so Ryan Johnston and Mike Flynn back Thursday morning.

Although July 4th has passed and summer is in full swing, Johnston still felt like it wasn’t summer for some reason. Then he figured out why: David Ortiz hadn’t started complaining about his contract yet.

The Red Sox DH hit his 400th career home run on Wednesday, but made a few comments before the game that you might not have heard.

Read: Ortiz ‘Humiliated, Embarrassed’ By Offseason Contract Negotiations

In an extended Spanish-language interview with USA TODAY Sports, Ortiz said how unhappy he was with the way he was treated last offseason when trying to get a contract done. Ortiz eventually inked a one-year, $14.575 million deal before an arbitration hearing, but he really wanted a two-year deal from Boston.

The guys agree that the DH is earning his money this year, leading the team with 22 home runs and 55 RBIs, but did he deserve a multi-year contract last offseason? The guys discussed the DH market and question if Ortiz could have gotten a better deal somewhere else wouldn’t he have left?

Does Ortiz deserve a multi-year deal after this season?


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