The Nets signed Joe Johnson earlier this week and reports are that they are also looking to try and sign Dwight Howard. Sal Licata from SNY TV join D.A. to discuss what the Nets are doing, the Sox and Yankees and the NHL.

Does Licata see Dwight Howard going to the Nets?

“I guess it’s still a possibility, but I think it’s a long shot myself and to be honest with you I understand the appeal of going for Dwight Howard.”

Is there fear that he could ruin the next team he goers to like he’s ruined the Orlando Magic? Licata thinks there is and that the Nets should just forget about Howard all together.

If the Nets got Howard would they pass the Knicks in local interest? If Howard went to the Nets and didn’t just dominate would the New York tabloids just tear him apart?

The Red Sox just blew three game in Oakland and now they are at home for three with the Yankees. Are New York fans surprised at where the Yankees are at right now?


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