By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

ABINGTON (CBS) – An Abington resident with a penchant for fireworks will get a hefty bill in the mail.

Franco Fazzolari says he was just trying to do something fun for his kids, and some military friends who were visiting for the Fourth, when he set off an elaborate fireworks display in his back yard.

“We’re not supposed to do fireworks in Massachusetts, which I wish were legal, but unfortunately we can’t. But for one time of the year, we did it for the kids,” says Fazzolari. He spent $2,000 on fireworks from New Hampshire.

When neighbors called, the Abington Fire Department sent a staffed truck to the home, but since the show was already in progress, they couldn’t stop it. They stayed for an hour-and-a-half, just to make sure no one got hurt, and the embers didn’t catch fire.

Fazzolari won’t face any charges, but he’ll get a bill of more than $100.00.

Fazzolari says he knew about the tragic situation in Pelham, New Hampshire last week, where a fireworks mishap left nine injured, including two toddlers who were critically hurt. He says he took extra precautions because of that, soaking his backyard and the woods around it with hoses, and keeping two fire extinguishers on hand. He says he’ll pay the fine and won’t repeat the show next year.


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