BOSTON (CBS) – A Haverhill man apparently has no problem getting arrested.

It happened to him three times in the same day last weekend.

Police in Windham and Salem, New Hampshire had been getting complaints the past couple of weeks about 45-year-old Amaysa Selcuk.

“He has a habit of jogging down the middle of the road, basically running down the yellow line of some of the roads in Windham,” Windham police Captain Mike Caron told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Tuesday.

Despite several previous warnings, police said Selcuk was at it again Sunday morning.

He was stopped by an officer at about 10 a.m. and arrested for disorderly conduct.

But an hour later he was doing it again, so Selcuk was arrested a second time.

He told police he was a member of a group called DADD.

“When the officer (asked) him what that group was, he informed the officer that it was Dudes Against Distracted Drivers,” Caron said, adding that no such group exists.

“As funny as it is, it’s a dangerous situation. Either he’s going to cause an accident or he’s going to be struck by a motor vehicle, so we certainly don’t want him to continue with this type of behavior,” Caron told WBZ.

About ten hours later Selcuk was arrested in Salem for reckless driving.

According to the Eagle-Tribune, he wrestled with a police officer after the traffic stop and ended up getting zapped with a Taser.


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