BOSTON (CBS) — This season has seen some truly awful calls made by umpires, calls that could have easily been corrected with a 5-second look at an instant replay.

Despite a large public outcry for an expansion of the instant replay system, MLB commissioner Bud Selig said he’s not hearing it.

“People in our sport don’t want any more,” Selig said, according to CBS Dallas/Fort Worth. “Given our attendance and everything we’re doing, we’re in the right place with instant replay. Baseball is a game of pace. You have to be very sensitive and careful not to disturb that pace.”

It’s unclear who exactly those “people” to which Selig refers are, but perhaps they’re not watching much baseball or reading many stories. From Tim Welke’s downright horrific call in Colorado, to Adrian Johnson’s wrong foul ball call that led to Johan Santana’s no-hitter, to maybe the worst call ever on a Dewayne Wise non-catch in the stands, the issues this year have been rather obvious.

While the push for expanded replay in the game may not be unanimous, there’s certainly a large segment of the baseball world hoping to see a new system put in place to avoid such egregious mistakes.

Yet no matter how many people are saying it and how loudly they’re doing it, Bug Selig apparently’ isn’t hearing any of it.


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