DOVER, N.H. (CBS) – Police are looking for witnesses who may have seen a car take off from a road rage shooting on Interstate 495 over the weekend.

A 16-year-old girl from Maine was shot in the arm by the passenger of another car Sunday afternoon on 495 north in Merrimac.

She’s been released from the hospital and is now recovering with her family.

But investigators haven’t been able to track down the shooter.

State police say it started when the victim’s father and the shooter engaged in some sort of back and forth argument and both of them pulled over.

That’s when a man fired a gun into the teenage girl’s SUV. It narrowly missed a young boy in the car and struck her in the arm.

road rage Police Search For Gunman, Witnesses In I 495 Road Rage Shooting

The left side second-row window of the 2002 Nissan XTerra was shot out. (Photo courtesy: Mass. State Police)

The shooter was a passenger in a white Honda Accord with tinted windows and a license plate containing the colors red, white, and blue – possibly a Massachusetts plate.

The Honda took off and police initially thought the driver might be heading for the beaches on the Seacoast, but that did not pan out.

The driver was a white woman with sunglasses.

The shooter is described as a light-skinned, African-American or Hispanic man, with short hair who was wearing a gray t-shirt and sunglasses.

Investigators still don’t have a license plate or an identity for the shooter and they are looking for any witnesses to come forward.

Police believe traffic was heavy on Route 495 at the time of the shooting, which was just after noon-time.

At an event in Dover, New Hampshire Monday, State Police Maj. Edward Amodeo said they’ve issued a bulletin to all surrounding police departments looking for help.

“We’re pursuing a couple of avenues with probation, people that have records of doing this type of activity, of course. It immediately points to potential gang members, so we’re looking at that,” he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Massachusetts State Police Barracks in Newbury at (978) 462-7478.


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