Gresh & Zo are out for the week and D.A. is covering the hosting duties during the midday. Continuing the Celtics talk from earlier D.A. was joined by Jeff Goodman of CBSSports to discuss Kevin Garnett’s new deal, the picks the Celtics made in last week’s draft and Ray Allen.

Over the weekend it was reported Kevin Garnett will sign a 3-year, $34-million extension with Boston. D.A. thinks most people were surprised that the Celtics offered a third year to KG. Should we be concerned with that third year?

“Yeah and I just don’t know how much of it is guaranteed; that’s the key to be honest,” said Goodman. “Whether it’s a team option, how much of it’s guaranteed, but certainly yeah I think everybody, you’ve got to be concerned a little bit about where Kevin Garnett is going to be in three years.”

Is it possible that the Celtics came up with this deal so KG could get his money and lessen their cap hit per year? Plus,  how will the Celtics use KG next season?

The guys also discussed the Celtics drafting Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo last week. Were these good picks?

They also discussed the reports that the Celtics are willing to offer Ray Allen $12 million over two years to stay in Boston. Do the Celtics really need him?


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