By Christina Hager

REVERE (CBS) – A Revere toddler has had surgery on his cheek after a frightening fall 30 feet down from a third-story window. The boy was visiting a friend in an apartment on Revere Beach Boulevard. The air conditioning was broken in the apartment during Sunday’s heat spell, so the residents cracked the window open.

“He was playing up here and he lost his balance,” says a family friend, Hizoum Ghellab, pointing to a sofa next to the window. “The kid was trying to pull the window and he pushed the screen.”

That’s when the screen pushed through, and the boy fell on top of it, crashing on to the cement sidewalk. “His mother was running down the stairs and he was bleeding,” says Ghellab.

Jim Conway was sitting at his computer on the second floor of the building when he saw the little boy falling from the apartment right above him.

“Out of the side of my eye I saw something go by, which I learned later was the screen, and I turned (and said) ‘What was that?’ (And then) A child came by,” he told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Monday.

“I immediately jumped up and I heard the ‘thud.’

Conway said he called 911 right away, but it was an off-duty EMT who first helped the child.

The EMT who happened to walk by jumped in to help. The boy was bleeding from the mouth and had knocked out his front teeth. Friends say it’s a miracle his injuries were not more serious. “Thank God,” says Ghellab. “We are fortunate that he’s doing good. We are very very lucky.”

WBZ’s Carl Stevens and Christina Hager contributed to this report.

You can follow Carl on Twitter @carlwbz.


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