Oh, if only it was that easy. The summer keeps flying by, and here we are! I just love summer weather.  I know it is easy to complain about the heat and humidity, just as easy as it is to complain about the snow and the cold. I always say….you have to pick a season! You can not complain all year. It is just unacceptable. Personally, I love all weather. But what is happening this weekend is picture perfect!

Just a classic July 4th weekend out there! The heat did not build as much as I expected yesterday, but that is just fine. It turned our to be gorgeous near 90 with low humidity. Sunday is a bit different. Already by 9 AM temps are climbing into the Lwr 80’s, warmer than yesterday at this time. Dewpoints have climbed into the Lwr-mid 60’s so there is a muggy feel along with the increasing heat. Temps will be close to yesterday’s, but maybe a couple of degrees warmer climbing into the Lwr 90’s in most areas. Along with the humidity, this is a day where you need to take moments during the day to stay cool…either by AC, shade, water, or ice cream! Whatever works!

A dewpoint front is stalled on the south coast this could become a trigger for a bit of convection during the afternoon in CT, RI or SE MA.. There is heat and humidity, the question is there enough lift? Another front will slide through New England today, which may trigger and isolated t’storm too. Again, there is some instability to work with, but for most of us…it will not all come together and we are looking at a sunny hot day for the most part.

Once the front is off the coast, skies will clear tonight with falling dewpoints/humidity. Sunshine will rule the day again on Monday, but this time NW winds will be directing a slightly cooler and less humid airmass into the region. Sunny to Partly Sunny in the mid-upper 80’s Monday with just enough lift/instability with the heating of the day, we may see a diurnal shower or T’storm pop. Widely scattered.

Weak high pressure will keep it pleasantly warm into Tuesday in the mid 80’s with sunshine and dewpoints in the 50’s nearing 60. Pretty Nice! By July 4th, heat and humidity will be on the rise with SW winds ahead of an approaching front. Temps will climb to 90 if there is hazy AM sun, if not, upper 80’s with scattered showers and t’storms a bit more widespread from Midday into afternoon. I expect the front to push offshore in time for the fireworks with clearing skies and temps near 80-82 for the party on the Esplanade.

Big subtropical ridge builds and re-establishes itself on the east coast for the end of the week for building heat and humidity heading into next weekend. NW flow aloft will keep in warm through Friday, but temps could scorch by Saturday with a flattening of the flow, SW winds ahead of a front and 850 temps climbing to +20-22 C. Mid 90’s are not out of the question to start the weekend.

Summer is here to stay…at least for now… Let’s make the best of this weather while you can and save the complaints for when you really need them. :) Enjoy! Off to Falmouth for a day on the lake with the kids.


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