By Bree Sison, WBZ-TV

GLOUCESTER (CBS)- Two families who have faced tragedy are teaming up to help the town of Gloucester. Missing toddler Caleigh Harrison‘s family joined the Molly Bish Foundation to help make identification kits for kids at St. Peter’s Fiesta.

“We made a point to come down and do it,” said Kellie Smith, a mother of two. Now she has an extra tool to save time if her busy 3-year-old son Cole ever wanders off. His finger prints, picture and physical description are now written down in a kit to help law enforcement.

“Potentially it could be very helpful,” said Detective Jeremiah Nicastro, who was on hand to help assemble the IDs.

“You never know what’s going to happen, and you’d rather be on the safe side,” he said.

Hundreds of thousands of ID kits have been made in honor of murder victim Molly Bish. The 16-year-old lifeguard went missing in 2000. Her body was found years later but the crime has never been solved.

Caleigh Harrison’s disappearance is also unsolved. The 2-year-old went missing in April while playing on a Rockport beach. Her family has received donations to aid in the search efforts, but are now directing some of those funds to educational materials that help raise awareness for Caleigh’s case. The family spent about $3,000 on cause bracelets, water bottles, bumper stickers and beach safety handouts. They hope the products will remind the community of Caleigh, and bring her home.

The Harrison family gave out the Caleigh gear as the Molly Bish Foundation made hundreds of ID kits on Saturday. The same Rockport police officers who combed the beach for Caleigh earlier this year assisted in fingerprinting children at the fiesta. Non-profit “Mission for the Missing” also aided at the event.

“It’s definitely necessary, especially in light of what’s happened. We just appreciate that it’s here and it’s free. That’s awesome. You think about it a little more,” said Smith.

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