Boston homeowners who have lived in their homes for a long time often overlook the entrance so visible and telling to the every day passersby.Take a step back and consider what your front doors say about your home and those who live inside it. Is a change needed? If so, give your home a new look and instantly see how easily it can be transformed from your traditional abode to a new and inviting residence.Consider these tips when dressing up your doors in Boston.

1. Replacing
Check to see how easy the front door opens and closes to determine if you need to replace it.The door ought to move with ease.The settling of a home may take many years.Shifts to door frame may be caused by settling,or the element or rain may have caused sections of rot  in wooden door frames which will lead to requiring replacement.Sandy soil, rain, and moisture create the need for extra care in the  Plymouth and Cape Cod area.

2. Light Fixtures
Light fixtures are placed on the wall as sconces, at the walkway as post lights, overhead as ceiling lights and may or may not have motion sensors. Consider adding a new fixture to your entry way.Do you need your lights to create ample visibility or be mere decorating accessories?Match the finish of each fixture to suit your home’s look.Choose surrounding components to tie into the equation, making for a pleasing appearance.

3. Paint
When you paint the door to compliment the color of the house a complementary color is found opposite or in threes triangular on the color wheel.Color  tones that are harmonious will be found next to each other on a color wheel.A color wheel helps decide what colors go best together.

4. Hardware
Replace hardware where needed and keep a uniform finish between all of the items including door handles,dead-bolt locks, knockers, hinges,lights and numbers. A peep hole may be added as a safety measure.Outdoor metal decorative art may be used to add a welcome touch of elegance to your front door area.

5. Railing
Add a railing for a safety precaution.Metal railings are typically secured to cement stairs and old railings may need a coat of paint designed for use on metal. Sand lightly against any rusted areas and paint with a small artist’s brush for best results.Wooden railings may be added to any wooden steps and pretreated wood will hold up the longest.

6. Address Numbers
Replace the address number for easy visibility to the street. When possible, place the numbers in a consistent manner to the rest of the neighborhood.The font style will personalize of your doorway from a boxy modern to traditional newstype to romantic cursive appeal.

7. Welcome Mat
A welcome mat may be a valuable item to any home as it will welcome friends and save time on cleaning.Choose a mat that shakes off sand and cleans with a simple wipe.A mat gives a traditional feel to your home, and updates a doorway instantaneously through the simple change of placing new one there.

8. Over the Door
If your home does not have a fromt porch, consider the less costly alternative addition of an awning which will help to protect the front door area from the elements of sun or rain. A canvas awning could add interest, color, and style always inviting to your front door.

The following local businesses may be able to help you get started.

Atlantic Awning
270 Franklin St
Melrose, MA 02176
(781) 665-4040

Atlantic Awning designs, manufactures and installs awnings in the Boston area. Its experts can easily provide coverage for your entry way.

Cape Cod Doormats
105 Ferndoc St
Hyannis, MA 02601
(800) 882-1181

Choose from the best options of doormats with the endless choices at Cape Cod Doormats.

Southeastern Millwork Company, Inc.
150 Route 3A
Sagamore Beach, MA 02562
(508) 888-6038

Southeastern Millwork Company, Inc. has been in business for 30 years and will create any type of doors you’re looking for.

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Maryann Scheufele is a Childrens Book Author, Children’s Literature Examiner for Boston, Massachusetts licensed English Teacher grades 5-8 and 9-12, mother of five grown children, grandmother, Bathroom Designer by Trade, and resident of Plymouth in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Her work can be found at


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