Toucher & Rich are back after attending The second annual Sports Hub Who’s Your Caddy? Classic on Tuesday. The guys had a great time, and have a few stories to share.

Fred overheard a conversation between Rich and Walllach where Wallach basically told Rich that he sucked. Fred called Wallach out this morning, which led to a discussion about Wallach’s bad personality.

Something else happened during the auction at the end of the day which took the guys by surprise. There were many signed jerseys, pucks and such to be bid on, but one item was actually booed by the crowd.

The item in question was a signed Josh Beckett jersey. T&R were surprised by the crowd’s reaction, and they didn’t even bother trying to take bids on it.

This led the guys to a discussion this morning about Boston athletes and if there are any others that would get a reaction like that from people.

Would Ray Allen receive the same kind of reaction if he left to play for the Miami Heat?


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