By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

GLOUCESTER (CBS) – WBZ-TV has learned the Department of Children and Families will investigate the mother of a little girl who disappeared two months ago from a Rockport beach. A neglect case has been opened against Allison Hammond out of concern for the welfare of Caleigh’s older sister, four-year-old Elizabeth.

Investigators have said there’s no evidence that foul play or neglect played a role in the disappearance, but interviews with family members and others who have had contact with Hammond and her daughter have apparently convinced DCF to take a closer look. Hammond will now have visits from social workers to see if support services may be needed.

Anthony Harrison, Caleigh’s father, says the case is expected to be open for at least 48 days. Harrison, who is separated from Allison Hammond, says he welcomes the state involvement to make sure his daughter is protected.

In the meantime, Caleigh’s disappearance remains a painfully open investigation. Harrison says a possible abduction of two-year-old Caleigh remains the glimmer of hope she could still be alive. But he is slowly resigned to the belief of Massachusetts State Police that she was swept out to sea.

Allison Hammond insists she turned her back on Caleigh and her sister only briefly at the beach on April 19. But now she’s under a microscope, and in an interview with WBZ-TV last month, she said she welcomes an investigation. “I know I’m a good parent that something bad happened to. They have to check to make sure I’m okay, they don’t know me,” she said.


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