The after this afternoon’s game at Fenway, the Red Sox will be headed out West for a seven-game road trip against the Seattle Mariners and Oakland A’s.

Sean McAdam will be making the cross-country trek, but joined Toucher & Rich Wednesday morning to discuss his tweets about Sox fans doing the wave, the trade deadline, and Clay Buchholz’s status.

A few days ago McAdam made negative comments about Sox fans doing the wave, which caught some heat from fans.

“I was under the mistaken impression that you’re suppose to put an opinion or two up on Twitter. I have never gotten the appeal of the wave and I think it sort of flies against the perception that this is suppose to be a rather sophisticated baseball audience. To me the wave is not part of that.”

Since the Red Sox just traded Kevin Youkilis, does McAdam see the Sox being active before the trade deadline?

“I think this is going to be a very unusual trading deadline for a whole lot of reasons. Number one, you can’t essentially rent players anymore with the knowledge you can offer them arbitration and get some of those prospects back that you gave up to get them, that part of the CBA is done.”

“Number two, the very nature of the second wild card means more teams are going to be involved, more teams are going to think they have a chance and there’s going to be fewer sellers.”

“And number three, I think that instead of everyone looking for pitching at the deadline I think you’re going to see a lot of teams looking for offense.”

Plus, what’s the latest on Clay Buchholz and should the Mets move R. A. Dickey now while his stock is high?


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