BOSTON (CBS) – Like it or hate it, most people agree City Hall is not one of Boston’s beautiful landmarks.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

According to California Home and Design Magazine, Boston’s City Hall is one of the 25 buildings across the United States that should be demolished right now.

“The centerpiece of Boston’s Government Center, this Kallmann, McKnnell & Knowles-designed building has long been a source of controversy. Throughout the years there have been numerous proposals to both preserve or demolish the building, but plans on both sides have been throttled,” the magazine wrote.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino said he’s heard complaints about City Hall’s appearance before.

“National publications have said that it’s probably the ugliest building in the world,” said Mayor Meninio.

WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller got reaction from Bostonians

Menino has wanted to move City Hall to a new building in the Waterfront area in the past, but he said “costs are just so prohibitive these days.”

“It’s not my intention to spend very important city dollars on the new structure, but maybe in the future we can do that, but right now, the city can’t afford to just demolish City Hall,” said Mayor Menino.

Menino said officials are doing what they can to make City Hall look as nice as possible.


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