Zolak was out so former Bruin and Sports Hub Bruins color analyst Bob Beers filled in next to Gresh. The guys kicked things off talking Bruins of course.

Gresh referenced when former Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein joined Felger & Mazz a few weeks ago made comments on the “monster” that the Sox have become after winning it all. The guys took that and thought how the Bruins and Peter Chiarelli have not gone that way since winning the Stanley Cup in 2011.

“There’s a factor of knowing when to kind of cut ties with somebody, not becoming too emotionally attached to a player or players. He has a lot of confidence in this core group, in this group and it’s evidenced by the players he’s brought back. He has signed a number of guys who were a huge part of that Stanley Cup run two seasons ago and kept them intact, in place. That doesn’t mean it can’t change down the line here, but he has confidence in this group despite their shortcomings last year.”

The guys also discussed whether the B’s will make a splash this offseason and sign a big free agent, but agree it depends on a few things. One of those things being the health of Nathan Horton.

The winger missed the the last few games of the Stanley Cup run in 2011 due to a concussion and missed a good part of the 2012 season after a second blow to the head.

“Who knows if he’s going to be able to play at the level he’s capable of and contribute to this team in that way. If he’s not then they have to be active in replacing a guy like him.”


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