By Christina Hager, WBZ-TV

LYNN (CBS) – She got away with nothing. Still, police are looking for the woman who waited outside a Lynn liquor store and attacked an unsuspecting customer.

“A pretty violent struggle ensues, where the suspect grabs hold of the victim’s pocket book,” explains Lt. Christopher Kelly. “She spins her around, her head comes crashing down, hits her head on the pavement.”

Kelly says the victim, a woman in her 50’s, was taken by surprise at first. Then she turned the tables. “She’s able to kick her attacker while she’s on her back, gets bruised up and scratched pretty good, and is able to maintain her purse.” The would-be thief was apparently so startled, she ran away without the purse. Witnesses say she jumped into a silver Nissan sedan and took off.

Managers at the liquor store caught the whole thing on surveillance video. “We have a pretty good picture of her,” says Lynnway Liquor Mart manager Dan Gurciullo. “Hope they catch her and take care of her.”


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