Gresh and Zo chatted with CBS Baseball Insider Jon Heyman about the Kevin Youkilis trade, other potential Red Sox deadline deals and how the new Wild Card format could affect moves made at the trade deadline.

The Red Sox traded Youk over the weekend to the Chicago White Sox and acquired pitcher Zach Stewart and utility infielder Brent Lillibridge. Is Heyman surprised that this is all they got for the third baseman?

“Well I’m not surprised he hadn’t been performing well; it was obvious he needed to be traded every team understood that. There were teams with needs at third base, but some teams were not impressed by Youkilis.”

By most reports it seems the Red Sox will be focused on suring up their starting rotation before the trade deadline. Does Heyman agree and does he see them actually making a move?

“I think starting pitching has to be number one. They’re 27th in starting pitching despite all their big names — obviously Lester hasn’t been great, Beckett has been up and down to some degree, Buchholz started poorly has been coming around now he’s on the DL. So they’ve got issues with just about all their starting pitchers.”

Plus will the new Wild Card format change the way teams approach deals before the trade deadline?


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