LYNN (CBS) – Lighting struck homes in Haverhill, Lynn and Waltham on Monday.

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In Lynn, a bolt hit the upper floor of a multi-family home, punching a hole in the roof and touching off a fire.

Nobody was hurt, but the force of the strike blasted pieces off of the house.

Most of the people living at the building were not home when it happened.

Neighbors, though, said the noise was deafening.

“The sound was like a big explosion and the whole everything shook,” said Robert Muise, a neighbor.

The fire department says the lightning ignited flames that spread through the inner walls of the home until fire crews knocked them down.

“There was heavy smoke condition and heat condition on the third floor, centered on the right corner of the building. Companies made aggressive attacks. Guys did a great job,” said Dist. Chief Tom Collie of the Lynn Fire Department.

Meanwhile in Waltham, fire officials confirmed a woman was being evaluated by emergency crews after the apartment on Maple Street in Waltham was hit by a lightning strike.

Then in Haverhill, a home on Main Street was struck by lightning, sparking a small fire that was quickly extinguished. No one was hurt.

Storms moved out of the area by the mid-afternoon.


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