Reaction to the bullying of a bus-monitor grandmother by four kids in New York has been furious. I’m pleased to see that perhaps the age of “I don’t want to get involved” may finally be over. We have “just said no!”

Thousands who viewed the video of the awful event have donated enough money for the poor woman to retire. The YouTube-sphere has let the offending monsters know in crystalline terms this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated by the cyber-village. Perhaps the paralyzing politically correct fear of interceding when parent’s fail has given way to the realization disobedient brats need to be need taught a lesson, even if their parents aren’t the ones doing the teaching.

While I cannot approve of the death threats the Clockwork Orange-esque delinquents and their families have received, I am excited to see the previously silent majority rise up and bellow, “We’re as mad as heck, and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

The whole event gives me some hope the era of “it’s cool to be bad” is over.
Maybe the technology will save us after all?

Now, let me ask you this. If you see kids doing something that’s clearly wrong and their parents are nowhere to be seen, would you speak to them and tell them to stop? What about if the kids are engaged in grossly inappropriate behavior while their parents are standing right there? Would you say something then? Perhaps you should? Wrong is wrong regardless of who a person’s parents are. That’s the way things worked before political correctness, and that’s the way it should be again.


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