BOSTON (CBS) – After an all-Celtics edition last week, “5 Questions” is back to its original format, tackling every sport.

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Adam Kaufman catches up with Nick Cattles to break down everything from the Red Sox clubhouse to Patriots rookies. And yes, unfortunately, there is some LeBron James talk mixed in as well.

What is Cattles’ take on David Ortiz’ rant from Thursday about the media and the atmosphere of the Red Sox clubhouse? Does he blame Ortiz for lashing out?

“5 Questions” With Nick Cattles: 

Moving to the Bruins, will they make a splash at this weekend’s draft via trade? Is there anything to the rumor that the B’s have inquired about Columbus’ Rich Nash?

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As for the Celtics, will Kevin Garnett be back in green next season? After making it to Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals against the eventual champion Miami Heat, how close does Cattles think the C’s are to making another run?

And with Patriots training camp just a few weeks away, which rookie will make the biggest impact?

Finally, despite not wanting to, Kaufman and Cattles chat Miami Heat. Is it time to give LeBron James his credit now that he finally has his ring?

Kaufman and Cattles break down it all down in this edition of “5 Questions.”


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