BOSTON (CBS) – Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich Friday morning to break down next week’s NBA Draft.

The Celtics own the 21st and 22nd picks next Thursday, and there is report out that they have promised Iowa State forward Royce White they will take him with the 21st pick, if he is available.

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But, is there such thing as a promise for the 21st pick?

“First of all, I’m not sure it’s really a promise. At 21, how do you really promise anybody?” asked Goodman. “You have no idea if he’s going to be on the board at 21. They mine as well have made that promise to five other guys who aren’t going to be there at 21.”

Should White be available at 21, would he be a good pick for the C’s?

“He’s a big, strong power forward that has a little bit of KG in him in the fact you can run stuff through him. He’s only about  6-8 though. He passes the ball extremely well, handles it well,” said Goodman. “He’s not a great shooter, so what I can see him being the next couple of years is a great second unit guy who can come in and lead that second unit as a guy who can facilitate as a point-forward. He’s a four-man, not a three. He can’t really guard threes at the next level. But he can make life better for everybody else; he’s a better passer than even KG I think. But he’s not a great shooter.”

However, Goodman notes there are a few downsides to White.

“There are a lot of questions with his character,” he said. “I’ve gotten a chance to know him a little bit over the last couple of years, and he is engaging. The media would love him here; not like him. He would be the greatest sound bite for the Celtics since Glen Davis.”

Another name that has been connected to the Celtics is Syracuse center Fab Melo, another high upside player with some character issues. While Ainge went with character players last year in Purdue’s JaJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore, should he go the opposite direction this year?

“I think Fab Melo is intriguing,” said Goodman. “He had all the issues — he was suspended and didn’t get a chance to play in the tournament. He’s a nice kid, but he’s not the brightest bulb.”

“There are some red flags, but Danny Ainge last year drafted character,” added Goodman. “Going back to when Danny Ainge has had success in the draft, look at it – Tony Allen, Delonte West, Kendrick Perkins – tough kids that maybe had a few red flags coming out of the draft, but sometimes that’s the way you’ve got to go.”

Is there any chance Austin Rivers falls to the C’s, and would they want the father-son duo?

“I love Austin, just not for the Celtics. I think Doc would kill him,” said Goodman. “I don’t think he wants to coach his son; they are just so different in terms of their personality.”


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