WORCESTER (CBS) – Friday was an emotional day for two Worcester fire recruits whose dads were killed in the line of duty.

Thirty-one crisp recruits had their badges pinned on by loved ones Friday morning and heard from an emotional chief.

These guys are reinforcements for a lineup depleted by retirements and stingy budgets.

But, two in particular feel like they are stepping into more specific shoes.

Steven Brotherton was just 10 when his father died in the inferno at the cold storage warehouse back in 1999. He was one of six firefighters to die that December evening.

“It’s very exciting to continue the family tradition,” said Steven Brotherton. “Bad things happen and you move forward, can’t change them. You learn from that and move on.”

Widow Denise Brotherton pinned on son Steven’s badge, just as she’s done for her two older boys.

“I know he’s gonna watch over them,” said Denise Brotherton. “It doesn’t help to sit in bed everyday. You get up everyday, you put one foot down, and you tackle today.”

Steven Brotherton is proud as he looks forward to the job his late dad taught him to love.

“I just think of how proud he would be of me. I just think of that and it helps me carry on,” said Steven Brotherton.

Meanwhile, Jon Davies is signing on just six months after his dad was killed when the floor of a fiery triple decker collapsed underneath him.

After three intense months of training, Brotherton, Davies and their rookie comrades are quickly moving on to the real deal.

They’ll begin reporting to their assigned firehouses Sunday.


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