BOSTON (CBS) — The only thing that’s gotten more press than Tom Brady’s right arm over the past few years may be his hairstyles. In fact, the ‘dos the Patriots’ quarterback may have generated more headlines than his football accomplishments, so any time he talks about his hair, it instantly becomes news.

This week, he’s addressing the perception that his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, is in charge of what happens atop his noggin.

“She likes pretty much what I like. She leaves it to me,” Brady told Sports Illustrated. “Every man should know, if you’re comfortable and you like it, you should do it. Everyone always worries about what the girls think, what the guys think. If you like it, do it.”

Brady went so far as to say that adopting his hairstyle philosophy could help some guys in their dating lives.

“To me, if you’re trying to impress a girl, get a date, they’re gonna like that more because you’re a confident guy,” Brady said. “That’s what it comes down to.”

Who knew Tom Brady would take such an interest in dating advice?

Don’t expect Brady to start up his own Twitter page to dole out more tips, though.

“My fear with joining [Twitter] is that I bore people,” Brady told SI. “And I don’t want to do that. If I have something to say, I want it to be meaningful. I think that’s what’s kept me away from it.”


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