MANSFIELD (CBS) – A teenage girl badly beaten at a popular spot for concerts tells WBZ-TV that something has to change.

The 15-year-old suffered two black eyes and a concussion after she was attacked twice by the same group of girls at the Comcast Center.

Kristen Roy says she and a friend went to Jam’n 94.5’s Summer Jam concert at the Comcast Center June 2.

Trouble started as soon as they got to their seats, when a group of six girls wanted the two friends to move.

Roy refused and some of the others girls became enraged and attacked her.

“We called security over the first time she pulled my hair and they were just like ‘get along,’ Roy said. “Then it happened again like literally three minutes later.”

She says no one came to her rescue.

“We thought it was a safe environment otherwise I never would have dropped my 15-year-old daughter off,” Roy’s father Edward said. “We were totally shocked.”

In Kirsten’s case, she didn’t get a good enough description of the suspects to help police.

It was a rowdy night in general.

Someone posted YouTube video of another fight from that show.

A spokeswoman for Live Nation, the company that runs the venue, wouldn’t comment on specifics of this case.

She did issue a statement saying the Comcast Center takes security measures very seriously.

“After 26 years of successful operation, we have come to understand that no matter how good a job is done, some people will never acknowledge the hard work and devotion of all the people that have contributed to this success,” the statement read in part. “Whether it is personal beliefs, their taste in music and entertainment, business agendas, or personal financial interests, there is just no way to please them. We have had over 10 million people pass through our facility since it opened and it is always the actions of a few that seem to get the most attention from those that object to our operation.”


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